I ME MYSELF mapping

(One day exercise)

\\Example of mapping of stories and incidents. A bit chaotic, i confess.

|\\|Shailendra sharing his own stories that he has mapped.

|||Hrishikesh sharing his stories.

\\\\People listening to the interesting facts about Hrishi’s life.

\\\Hrishi’s mapping of his life.

An exercise to get used to the concept of mapping information is to start with your own life.Thus this small one day assignment of mapping important incidents of your life.

So everyone mapped some personal incidents, stories that other people didn’t know or whatever one wanted to share with others.

Everyone’s way of mapping was different. One can see the flow of information in certain mappings. Some were radial in manner, some chaotic and others were structured. Very interesting to see how people had put down information. A fun exercise to do because all the information is already in your head. No need to research and source information. Just to get the gist of mapping, self mapping is a fun and quick way to start.


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