(One day workshop)

Originated from social planning to describe a problem that didn’t have a particular meaning or it was too difficult or impossible to solve it because of the complexity of its layers of stakeholders, contradictory and everchanging requirements. And a problem whose characteristics are difficult to recognize or identify.

The objective of this workshop was to apply mapping to wicked problems that we have experienced or the ones that we have heard about. So first few hours of the workshop was to sit and map different kinds of wicked problems._DSC0006

So looking at some examples from the sheet above. Topics like Education in India, Dam construction, Division of states, Global warming, Green technology, Allocation of resources, Agricultural land taken for urban development, spying on information for national security, economic issues, international loans, free trade and so on. These are the topics that have certain wicked problems.


That is us discussing the wicked problems and mapping them.


Vikas guiding us through the mapping and how to pick wicked problems.

DSC07447Presenting the wicked problems. And getting feedback on them.

Later half of the day was to go one step deeper into each of the wicked problems and try to reason why such problem exist and what is its current scenario. What are the factors that create such wicked problems.

_DSC0013 _DSC0012 _DSC0011 _DSC0009 _DSC0008 2013-08-02 18.56.25These are a few examples of how we sourced more information on those wicked problems and then kept adding that information onto the main sheet containing wicked problems. Making the whole thing progressive.

Next phase was to come up with some solutions or ideas that can help improve the wicked problems. This is a system followed, one card with a title space, illustration space and a description space. So all the ideas are illustrated and put up as shown.2013-08-02 18.56.38


Then all the other group members go around looking at other ideas or solutions and rating them using coloured post its. Hrishi taking that job very seriously.

DSC07540Listening to the concepts or ideas or solutions being presented by others.

DSC07533Ending the workshops with healthy debates.


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