We visited the Main terminus of Ahmedabad on the first visit to observe the behaviour of people at the bus stops. Visited Lal Darwaza which is located in the old city side of Ahmedabad and most buses go through that terminus while changing the localities of the city.

There are two major bus services in the city of Ahmedabad. AMTS and BRTS.

And we also visited many individual stops where people wait for the bus. And we found a lot of interesting observations.

2013-08-26 12.42.09 2013-08-26 12.40.09 2013-08-26 12.39.51

The above images are from the Lal Darwaza terminus.

We spent hours sitting at bus stops and observing various activities. This was just initial visits to understand waiting. And mapping those as shown below.


We mapped all kinds of people that use the service and categorise them based on some factors that will be shared later. We also mapped the behaviour of people and how it changes with age. Most old people, experienced and use mostly the bus service to travel, are more patient while waiting. Whereas the young people who are also using this service to travel to school and colleges are a bit anxious about the arrival of the bus.

People generally look on the right side hoping to see the glimpse of the coming bus number. And when there is no bus visible, they just see in that direction hoping for a bus. People who are less patient keep changing their seats.

Mobile phones serve as good distractions for the young generation people. Where a other tend to fixate on things and just wander while waiting. The alertness of people reaches its peak when the bus enters the terminus, everyone has their eyes on to the bus looking for the bus number. People try to predict and move on to the road hoping to be the first one onto the bus, because the bus only stops for a few seconds. Maximum 10-12 seconds. So there is always a fear of missing the bus and having to wait for more time. Thus people fight for their turn and the queuing is very unstructured while getting onto the bus.

People who can not afford any other means of transportation tend to wait for the bus. But people who can afford it and are ignorant about spending money, abandon the wait and take either a rickshaw or share a rickshaw.

First timers are the most anxious and always on their toes. Asking people and reconfirming the information from different sources.

At the Paldi terminus saw a very interesting thing. Some cops taking a petty thief in handcuffs by the bus to some other police station. One of the officers was carrying a semiautomatic rifle. And they were also a part of the same unstructured queue that gets on the bus. And other people didn’t get bothered by this, they were still fighting for their turn first to get on the bus.

2013-08-26 15.46.40

This is the bus stop where the GSTRC buses that take people from one city to another city.2013-08-27 15.40.53#1 2013-08-27 15.40.31#1


Here the waiting behaviour is a bit different. People have no choice but to take the bus. So they decide to wait and the abandonment of the wait is very very rare.

These are just some initial observations.


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