When we visited the Alpha One mall in Ahmedabad, we also observed some disguised forms of waiting – moving in an elevator or an escalator. Here people are waiting to get from one place to another (one floor to another). In an attempt to find patterns and observe how people behave in these two situations, some interesting observations were made.


It was observed that 95% of total people observed placed their hands on the moving railing of the escalator till just after reaching the floor again. Some people were carrying bags but still had their other hand on the railing. In case of a crowded elevator, people were arranged in a very random way even facing backs of people they know and while being pushed face to face with strangers! Most of them looked down towards their phones or their feet. Interestingly, even though most of them were in groups, nobody was talking. Here is an photo taken by us in the elevator of Hyatt Regency (Pune)



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