Visits to the mall and the food courts to understand how people behave in a slightly developed and structured system that has been highly affected by the West. And how people behave in the structured queues.

The food court in the mall was in the L shaped formation with the sitting area in the centre square formation as shown in the image above. The shops on the periphery. And one has to issue a smart card by depositing a certain amount of money. And use that card to buy food from different places.2013-08-28 19.25.38

  • Three card dispenser counters, all of them had unstructured queues.
  • People piling against the counter.
  • People were reinforcing their position to have the first turn by calling the service provider and by gestures like showing the money.
  • Shy people or people who don’t like much hustle are left behind. Cause on has to really fight to be the first .

In the Elevator scenario;

2013-08-28 19.21.54We observed the GIGO phenomenon if this case. There are a lot of people who are lazy to walk around the mall to go from one floor to another. So they like to take the elevator. And there are less elevators as compared to the volume of the people. So one as to wait for their chance.

GIGO- Guys In Guys Out is when people don’t wait for the people to come out of the bus or elevator or a room and try to enter the space through the same door at the same time people are coming out.

KFC and Subway;

  • Here in these fast-food joints the service is pretty fast and there are structured queues to wait in. But in case of Subway that was lacking.
  • People tend to stand on the side instead of a vertical line. Curiosity kills their patient.
  • They feel abandoned when the service provider doesn’t give them attention. And they seem a bit angry.
  • People dont stand behind each other. Rather stand in chunks and wandering, talking, playing with the phone, etc. But their feet are generally pointing in the direction of the service.
  • In KFC people join the line once they are sure of what they want.

These were some of the initial observations of the people in this scenario.


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