Indian railways moves about 25 million people from one place to another everyday. Railway stations remain one of the most crowded places in a city/town, with long queues of people waiting to buy a ticket or inquire about one. So we went to the Ahmedabad Railway Station in the evening, when there was a rush of people buying tickets and waiting for their trains. We positioned ourselves on the second and the third floors and had a complete view of the huge hall where people stand in queues to inquire and buy tickets.



The mapping:


We observed that in all the queues the people standing at the back were spaced out and looked around as the the line moved ahead slowly. However near the counter the queue got compressed as people huddled to see what is happening at the counter. Also the linear structure breaks and it looks as if they are standing in a group and not in a line. 


When people are travelling in groups usually one of them is standing in the line while the others are standing behind the line in a group. For example father is buying the tickets while the rest of the family is waiting behind the line with the luggage. People were jumping queues and trying to join the queues in the middle leading to some commotion.


We then decided to join the queue and experience it ourselves. So Shailendra and Hrishikesh joined and remained in the queue till they reached the window. As we now observed the people in the queues up close, we saw them asking each other questions and inquiring about train timings. People constantly moved their eyes back and forth to the display board behind them and the jumbo advertising screen above them. It was quite an experience.   



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