DSC_0405 copyThroughout this week we worked on understand the Psychology of Waiting and all the principles of waiting. Queuing metrics and other case studies of how humans perceive waiting. Taking into consideration everything from physical queuing, virtual queuing, active queuing and passive queuing. From waiting in line at a supermarket to waiting for a website to load. And also identifying scenarios where people wait in a public domain. And in the Indian context.

DSC_0572These are some of the info-graphics obtained online from sources that adds value to understanding the psychology of waiting.

DSC_0573Above are some of the Principles for Waiting in Line. So here we are trying to understand what things we should keep in mind while designing solutions in any domain. Things like, emotions dominate, so the solution should facilitate positive mood and very positive emotions throughout the domain. Because negative vibes are contagious and can spread very easily. Things like Eliminate confusion, End strong-Start strong, Memory is more important than the experience etc. All these factors are important while generating solutions.

DSC_0576 copyWhen we go out to observe people who are waiting or study the whole queue and how its behaving in a particular scenario, this Queuing Metrics is what we have to keep in mind and cross check. So these points help us connect or find a common pattern or common behaviour of people waiting in different domains or scenarios.

DSC_0579 copyFrom the context that was created in the previous workshop, where people came up with scenarios that they have been in and had to wait, we created a list of places and subsystems in those places where people have to wait for their objective to be fulfilled. Before visiting any place we listed down assumptions and then went to see for ourselves whether they hold ground. Hence we listed down all the types of waits and queues we could foresee in each scenario. And we visited all these places to observe waiting and experience waiting.

DSC_0577Some very interesting characteristics of people’s behaviour in the Indian scenario of waiting in line. These are some issues that are unique in nature and needs to be tackled. The solutions need to be smart and specific to this context. Not to take an existing successful system from abroad and just apply here. That doesn’t always result into a positive change.

DSC_0580 DSC_0581

Some case studies and pointers.

DSC_0582Images are a good triggers to start a though process. So we put up images of all the examples or scenarios of waiting that we come across. And some small solutions that people have applied have worked successfully to a good extent.


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