After having studied waiting and queuing in different contexts, it was time to decide one context for further study and intervention. This was necessary so that we can focus on that specific context and study it in detail to bring out system solutions. It was a difficult task to narrow down as we saw a lot of scope in all the contexts. In order to simplify the process of choosing, we created a map tagging each context based of different factors like – individual/group waiting, duration of waiting, active/passive waiting, lack of resources/process takes time, etc.


After a lot of debate We narrowed down to four topics – Railway Station, Supermarket, Regional Transport Office and Bus services (AMTS & BRTS). We then considered a lot of factors like our own personal interests and visions for the systems project and then finally decided to take up Bus Services (AMTS & BRTS) as our final topic. It was a time of great joy and celebration after a lot of deliberation!!


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