Finally we had a topic and a context at hand. We started by studying wicked problems, to choosing a topic, to now finally choosing a context. The context was Bus services (AMTS & BRTS) and the topic was waiting and queuing. We went back to the studio to research online and study about the existing bus system and the various related systems. Earlier we had gone to the different bus stops and the bus terminal during the initial research. Here are the observations and the links shared by us in our earlier post.


We had discussed different ways of classifying the data all throughout the duration of the course. This time while recording our observations and research we used color coded cards to classify them. We made 4 categories – Neutral observations (yellow), Existing approaches/solutions (blue), Issues related to the system (red) and Other miscellaneous factors (orange). Over the next few days we carried out simultaneous on and off field research and kept on adding colored cards to the board.


Below are different sections of the mapping. The cards are based on online as well as field observations. Hence we see a range of international as well as local information based cards.




Here is the slideshow version of our mapping for better viewing.


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