Along with the issues and other observations we also mapped out some existing solutions which have been applied in the context of waiting and public transport.

Many people standing in the bus end up leaning against the window for comfort. This was cleverly used by advertisers in Germany where the windows played low frequency sounds which can only be heard by people leaning against them, via bone conduction. This way a passive time of the passengers became occupied and advertisers gained another medium. However this can also have a flip side of irritating commuters, specially the daily commuters.



Another interesting intervention we saw, was the Metro Nap app which basically makes sure that the commuter wakes up at the right time so as not to miss their stop. Here the commuter can safely doze off after getting into the subway only to be woken up by their vibrating phones just before the train stops at the destination. This intervention helps the commuters perform their preferred activity with minimum tension.



In the city bus stop at Belgaum in the state of Karnataka (India), a new way to occupy customers has been applied. Here a modern coffee shop has been opened for all the people waiting for their bus service for hours. It is fully furnished with a Television for entertainment as well as WiFi for the smartphone carrying youngsters.



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