Let’s zoom into the color coded map to have a look at some of the issues.


We observed that when people are standing at the bus stop they tend to stand in the yellow box on the road where the bus is supposed to park, instead of the bus stop structure itself. This lead to the bus stopping in the middle of the road which caused a traffic obstruction. This behavior was mainly because people need clear information and visibility of the incoming bus for which they move to the road and keep looking to the right.


Another thing we observed during one of our study trips in the AMTS bus, we observed that change is another issue while buying tickets. People often do not carry change while the tickets are always odd figures. This leads to increased ticketing time or sometimes even commotion and fights.



We observed that the autos waiting for passengers stop right in front of the bus stops. They keep calling out to people waiting there. They often are hired by some people who are in a hurry or those just get frustrated by waiting for too long. Nevertheless the autos again become a traffic obstruction and occupy the area where the buses should be able to stop and then accelerate in matter of seconds.



Coming back to the BRTS system, the system requires dedicated roads where the buses can ply at top speeds without any obstructions. However many parts of the city, like the old city, have very narrow roads or even many parts of the new city have roads which cannot be further widened. This creates a problem of inaccessibility for the people who actually need this service, as these are the crowded parts of the city where public transport can solve a lot of issues.



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