Research – Books on Design of Public spaces and Bus interchanges

A transition from research to ideation is best accompanied by reading. So we took a few books related to the field of study. We discovered that bus interchanges are very important public spaces where human interaction happens globally on a huge scale.

One of the books – Sustainability & Design of Transport Interchanges – a great book by Brian Edward talks about the future – where the public transport systems will be the points of intersection of thousands of people, increasingly switching to public transport. Consequently the intersections of the public transport systems themselves – the interchanges – will affect the quality of living of more number of people and in more number of ways, than today. All the other books and articles enriched the base of our understanding about the importance and the practical considerations around designing a good bus interchange.

However, a lot of the books which were centered around the bus systems looked at the architectural and ergonomic aspects of the structure rather than the waiting experience of the commuters. At the end we summarized the key aspects which we learnt from all the books.

reference books


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