Active Waiting & Disguised Waiting

Active and disguised waiting are two different kinds of waiting types we came across. Active waiting is, simply put, when you ‘experience time’. When you are waiting for the bus at the stop, when you are waiting in a line to get a ticket, you are waiting and feel impatient. This is usually the waiting that we experience and identify the most. However another kind of waiting is ‘Disguised waiting’, where you are usually in transition from one place to another. The difference is clear with an example – say you are in an elevator going to the 12th floor. You are waiting – ‘waiting to get to 12th floor’. However you don’t identify this usually as waiting as you are moving and getting somewhere. Another example is travelling in a bus, when you are moving fro one stop to another.


Some general trends were observed around the different active and disguised waiting times all throughout the journey of the commuter and represented as shown.



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