We mapped the different actions against the different elements of a bus system. This helped us see the different mash-ups which can give us some interesting ideas. For example – when you take any 2 terms in the map, say ‘Ticket/Token’ + ‘Footpath’ you can come up with interesting options – say if we have the ticketing station on the footpath instead in the BRTS bus stop (which is in the middle of the road), it will help people to enquire/decide without crossing the road, making the experience much better.

ways to come up with idea

Another example – ‘headphones’ + ‘seating’ – here we are looking at one common activity in the bus during the commute- people listening to music via headphones and one integral element – the seat. What if the seats had headphone jacks which play different local radio channels with recurring announcements about the coming stops and other info like connecting routes. Such ideas came up after this map helped to see these connections.


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