Insights & Interconnections

A part of the GIGA map explaining the waiting scenario at the AMTS bus stop. Some interesting insights have been mapped in the given section. Let’s take one case: It starts with visibility of the bus number. As the size of the number is small, the visibility is low. As a result the commuters waiting at the bus stop end up standing in the bus bay area instead of the bus stop structure itself, as it helps them read the number within the few seconds of visibility. This now makes the approaching bus, stop on the road instead of nearer to the footpath, creating obstruction for other traffic, leading to chaos. Another factor related is the Autos standing near the bus stop. They also end up obstructing the smooth passage of the bus. Now one additional factor – the poorly maintained bus stop structure adds more reasons to standing on the road.

52Now what has been explained above is a complex interconnection of different factors leading to discomfort and inconvenience. These became our insights. These were the issues which we understood when we GIGA mapped and zoomed out to get the bigger picture. This is where systems thinking was sinking in.


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