Solution – Initial Ideas

Free service: The BRTS bus stops can provide a limited time, free wifi internet service. This service
will provide the internet time proportional to the waiting time, so that the commuters waiting for
longer time, get a better deal. The single time code for the access can be printed on the tickets, if
the waiting time is more than a few minutes.

Productive Relationships: Although not a solution, this is an important insight. What if there was a way to announce the occupation of a particular person commuting with you on the bus. Say, via the bus speakers – “We have a doctor in the house!” or “We have a Interior Decorator in the house!”. This might make people build productive relationships by matching similar interests.

PedalPay: An ambitious idea – where each commuter can pedal and gain points which can then
be redeemed for tickets


Smarter Card: A common card system for all the 3 modes of transport – AMTS, BRTS and Autorickshaws. It can be swiped to make the payment and the money gets deposited to the right account. It can be refilled online and used again and again.

Audio jacks: Audio jacks near all the seats of a bus. This will enable the people to access radio channels just by using their headphones. The added value of this service would be the reminder which will be played as a particular stop approaches or to inform the commuters about the heritage and other facts about the areas from which the bus is passing.

The Grid Game: A simple 3×3 or 4×4 grid game behind all the seats which can be played by the commuters sitting to occupy themselves. The grid can be easily used for advertisement
purposes to gather revenue for the bus services.



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