Solutions – Initial Ideas

Killing Time: A multiplayer game in which you play with the dial of the watch face, as it counts down the waiting time to your bus and then alerts you at the end of it.

Weekend Woes: A special scheme to attract more commuters to use the public transport on the weekends, when the daily commuters, which form a huge part of the total bus users, dont use the service. Some of the features can be – special discounts for a family ticket, special bus routes to the popular weekend destinations, etc.



Interactive promotions: A tool which will work in 2 ways. For the commuters who are waiting, these interactive promotions – like the cutout posters, tear-away pamphlets, digital screens – will occupy
their time well. For the Bus services it leads to a additional revenue. The main difference will be to only allow interactive advertisements.

Emergency Services: To allow the emergency services access to the BRTS only routes in case of an emergency, leading to faster response times.

AMTS+BRTS Hub: A bus stop on the footpath which acts as a common ticket counter for both the AMTS buses as well as the BRTS buses. This will help the commuter to make the best decision according to the availability and reach of both the bus services. More convenient for the commuters as they will not have to cross the busy roads for enquiry.


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