Solutions – Initial Ideas

After the analysis part we then started ideating. We had the ‘Thoughts & Solutions’ sheet to start with and then went on to make multiple solution cards. The solutions range from mobile apps to RFID tags to kiosks. We let our ourselves think of as many solutions as we could as we could refine and improve each of them at later stage. Below we have discussed some of the ideas.

Small world: Interactive live feed display of the status of the buses (all BRTS buses have GPS locators) in relation to the stops to inform as well as indulge the user.

Custom made Tickets: Different internet generated content is printed on each ticket, like pictures, crosswords, sudoku, fun facts, news, etc to keep the commuter entertained and occupied till the arrival of the bus or during the journey.


Self grooming: Self grooming facilities for a large number of office going daily commuters.

Ek Se Bhale Do: A 2 door bus for BRTS facilitating a separate entry and exit leading to convenience as well as faster commuter movement. Thus, there were solutions related directly/ indirectly to waiting and even some solutions which simply help to make the experience of a Bus commute a better experience.




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